Kashani, technological wood craft, is a young company, established by two brothers, Efi and Shlomi, in idea to design and create wood craft in high technology. The two brothers combine state of the art engineering capabilities, side by side with design skills and professional hand workmanship into new furniture made from rough wood and produced by computerized machines. Each one of the furniture is being manufactured individually thus enabling customize production and adjusting the final outcome to the satisfaction of the end user. All the products are made in small and numbered series and have been checked to the extreme conditions to guaranty the long life existence.


All the products made by Kashani Company are made from rough wood and processed via CNC milling machines. Each piece starts its way as a hand sketch, than transformed into 3D modeling software as a digital prototype. The digital prototype is used to receive feedback for the design from the costumer, to check the mechanical properties of the design and to verify its validity to manufacturing. After all the virtual tests have been done, the product is being manufactured and assembled. Finally, after the assembly has been checked, the hand workmanship starts, and gives the product the final touch of wooden art.


The Kashani Company states its goal to design and invent new breaking through products. Free of the traditional production limitations. The combination of best engineering capabilities with excellent hand workmanship gives us the opportunity to design and produce extremely unique products for the end user imagination satisfaction.


We leave in the north of Israel. We came here about 20 years ago because of Zionism (to populate the north) and Socialism (Kibbutz life). Although many things changed since we came here, we still belief in those ideas. The engineering office is situated in Kibbutz Cabry, the manufacturing is done at the workshop in Kibbutz Gesher Haziv. The art studio (show room) is situated also in Kibbutz Gesher Haziv.

Finally With the view and atmosphere of the Galil mountains, the amazing Achziv shore, the white rocks and green see water of Rosh Hanikra Caves, and the beautifull evergreen Kziv stream. With the professional team, who believes in long term relationship with the costumers. With optimist team that trust all the human been, and devoted to the satisfaction of the end user, with a big smile. All those give us and you the energies and resources to create unique beautiful products and friendships!!!!

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